This is a story of a guy you know Who has been with a girl called winter Winter is shy but cosy Fun under the blankets but too cold under the sky But all he does is lie lie She has a fuller body with a bigger heart She comes like a plum goddess in… Read More »

Magazine that i read: VOGUE

Being a fashion student I have to learn how to be ‘in vogue’ in all seasons and my favorite magazine Vogue helps me do just that . Vogue is a leading fashion magazine for people from all sects and caste. Portraying fashion from as early as 1892, Vogue has become a handbook for high-end societies, fashionistas,… Read More »

Fashion is you and Fashion is me.

  Fashion is a zealous attempt at adorning ourselves with or without occasion. Humans find it satisfying to be unique standing out and standing for individuality. Fashion can be short term or bestowed upon us through ages. It is generally mass acceptance of garment, product or thing in our everyday lives. Fashion works at an… Read More »